Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wishing on a wednesday #1

Sometimes I can send a whole day just dreaming. Daydreaming about what I want to do, where I want to go or what I want to achieve. In this weekly post I will let you in on my daydreaming and post about just that! This morning I was thinking, 'I sure wish I was better at drawing'. As you may have read in this earlier post I did, about my mum's drawings, she is awesome at it. Unfortunately I did not get any of those drawing genes from her. A long time ago I went to some drawingclasses with her, after the first lesson the teacher looked at me with a despair on his face that just said 'you will never learn'. Oh boy, not good for the confidence! So I just stopped drawing, knowing that I am just not good at it (sounds pathetic, but it is not that bad really, I moved on in life haha) But these last months I got bitten by the creativity bug, for real. I just love making things by hand and crafting. So I decided I wanted to do two paintings, of icecreamcones......with faces. And I did, and the result my friends, is here:

So yeah, I basically still suck at drawing! But you know, I had fun making these anyway! So I will just keep trying, and trying. How about you? Are you good at drawing?


  1. awww these are cute though!
    when I was younger I used to be good (compared to other people my age/classmates) but I never practised so I'm still kind of stuck at the same level. My sister, however, never stopped practising so she's great at it, I always feel like I could get there but I don't have the patience... so maybe I can't, maybe that's the art of it, patience? I don't know. anyway, long comment is long. as long as you have fun right?


  2. Cute! Now I do like drawing sometimes, but I generally need to feel really inpsired and I usually look up quite a few pictures of what I'm drawing prior to starting, so I have some general shape reference (plus there are always details I don't think of on my own).

    Now painting, on the other hand, completely escapes me. Drawing I feel like I can control... painting feels out of control!

    Anyway, I like seeing that you are working on drawing/painting even though you don't feel like you are good at it right now. But that's how we get good at stuff, right? Hope you keep posting these and we can see how your style progresses! =)

  3. Thanks Kelsea and Angie!
    Patience is defenitely needed when painting or drawing. I always love to see a quick result, which is not a good thing. So I have to work on that too:)
    I didn't know painting and drawing were such different things to you Kelsea. To me they are both the same, but maybe it is because I suck at both haha.
    As long as we have fun creating, to me that is what matters:)