Sunday, 14 October 2012

Help A Heart!

Hi my friends. Today I want to share something about a wonderful cause and a wonderful friend. Kelsea of the blog Pink Wonderland has openly shared her story about Help A Heart, a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and why this is so very important to her. On oktober 20 Kelsea will take part in the Heart Walk to help raise more money for this foundation. But ofcourse, any money or spreading of the word is welcome! Please take a look at this page to see how you can help. Donate a small amount, or you can even buy something cute from Kelsea's Etsy shop

 I hope you can help in any way possible. If you can't donate, please help spread the word! Thank so much!


  1. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for posting this! Susie, you are the best! <3