Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Snail mail week: Pretty postage stamps

Hi my friends! As a kid I used to collect stamps and some of those I still own today. As part of the snail mail week I would like to show you my favourite stamps from my collection. Because, don't you just love it when a pretty stamp is on a pretty enveloppe?!

The first pictures shows stamps with animals and flowers, my favourite subjects! I love the butterfly one and the black and orange bird. On the second picture I especially love the Espana one which to me looks like a still life painting. Have you ever collected postage stamps as a kid?


  1. Stopping by from the Followers to Friends blog hop and wanted to say hi! I love the stamp from Spain.

  2. aww so pretty! a friend of mine once had stamps printed with her baby on it, sooo cute. haha, I wish I had sent you a cool one instead of queen Beatrix haha.


  3. These are pretty! My dad has a stamp collection - I should ask to see it again sometime!