Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Switzerland in pictures: Bern zoo

During my holiday in Switzerland we also went to the zoo in the city of Bern. Bern comes from the German word for bears, and the bear is the symbol of the city. Now, my favourite animal in the whole wide world is the bear! So I was super excited to go to this zoo. I had a wonderful and unforgettable 'encounter' with two beautiful brown bears. I had never seen bears that close as in the Bern zoo and I was over the moon! So many bear pics in this post. And Hedwig ( Haryy Potter's snowowl) makes an appearance too, or at least a familymember!

Animals just love me. This seal was constantly begging for my attention really. Hahaha, kidding ofcourse!  But it was a very fun meeting with him or her!

In the zoo you could follow a bear trail, with bear footprints. Too cool, as a bearloving gal I went kinda cookie here!

Next time: pictures of the old city centre of Bern, which was very impressive! Have a good day my friends!


  1. Hello from australia! Aww glad i found your blog. This all looks interesting. Im following u from the followerstofriends blog hop. Im over at if u could return the favor. Thanks so much n look forward to reading more from u :)

  2. Your pictures are wonderful :)
    New follower, following from the followers to friends link up :)

  3. These are awesome, Susie!! You should come to the West Cost of the US - we have lots of bears here! =D Okay, I don't usually see them up close, but they're here somewhere... hehe.

    I LOVE THAT YAK. So funny with all the shaggy hair... they remind me of really cute, living mops!

    And where is your ring from? It is very pretty!

    1. Hi Kelsea! I would looove to go to the West coast. Maybe some day :)
      The ring I bought at a local market. Unfortunately they don't have a webshop. They just have a pop up store here in Holland. I might have to visit them again soon ;)


  4. Very cool pictures I love going to the zoo!

    Found you threw the followers to friends hop :)

    Beauty Flawed

  5. aww what great pictures- the zoo is the best :) Happy to have found you through the bloghop :)

  6. Just found your blog, I can't wait to read more!

  7. Thank you all so much for your comments! They are much appreciated :)

    xxx Susie