Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cookies and cupcakes

Hi everyone. Finally my high temperature and throat infection are as good as gone. Still have a crazy cough, but hopefully that will be gone soon as well. Meanwhile I still have been baking. You know me, I just have to bake! The bakery that I work at is closed for 3 weeks, as my two bosses are away on holiday. So I bake even more at home. These last days I made vanilla cupcakes for my sisters birthday and some lovely cookies covered in chocolate.

Last week I also made a lovely chocolatecake with macademianuts and a chocolate icing. My improved bakingskills are great, but not so much for my weight hahaha. I have to work out some more to compensate all the yummie goods! Have a good day all!


  1. om nom nom, I have to drop by your house some day so that you can give me a baking lesson, my cookies never turn out right! xo

  2. We should Ania! And then have a picknick somewhere :)