Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sweet fashion finds for summer

Hi all! I hope you had a lovely week so far. Mine has been quite calm. And the weather has been insanely bad. The only good news (or great news): I have booked a citytrip to Prague! I will tell more about that in a future post. For now I will show you some fashion finds that are just too cute not to share!

A Bambi skirt! Oh my, it's so cute! Unfortunately the link on Pinterest gets me nowhere, so I still have to know where this is from. Anyone happen to know? Modcloth maybe?
A teacupdress. That has Susie all over it! It's a Modcloth, and pure perfection. Agree?
This teal (don't you love teal?!) dress is from Urban Outfitters. A supercute summerdress. I love the lace!
This long and flowery dress is so dreamy! I think I could wear it all day, every day and feel so pretty in it! I want summer, and sunshine! I am so ready, with these dresses I am summerproof :)
What about you? Do you have a favourite summerlook?


  1. Found it! It's in the sale but still ain't cheap! Gorgeous find though! It really bugs me when people don't credit properly on Pinterest x

    1. Ah, amazing Sally! Thanks so much :D Too bad it is still crazy expensive :(