Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day in Amsterdam: shopping and Game of Thrones.

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying your weekend? I had a great day yesterday, visiting my best friend who lives in Amsterdam. She just had her birthday so we were having a tea to celebrate and I gave her some gifts. Luckily the sun was shining, so we could sit outside. It was very busy in Amsterdam, as it always is. Many tourists with suitcases walking through the streets. Especially near the coffeshops. Me and my friend did some shopping at the local vintageshops. I love vintageshops!

This whole week, there is a Game of Thrones exhibition in Amsterdam. Me being a big fan of the series I thought I would take this chance while I was in Amsterdam anyway! There was a long line and the sun was already beind the clouds for the most part. In the end me and my friend had to wait in line for an hour, but it was well worth it. The exhibition was amazing! Alot of the costumes from the series actors were there and lots of props and swords. In real life you can se the stunning details on the costumes. I sqealed the whole time, little screams of joy hahaha.
Jon Snow's outfit and wildlings outfits

Me and Ygritt's outfit

Khaleesi! And her dragon

Me, oh so happy! With Ned Stark and family costumes (I love Sean Bean!)

Amazing outfits from the Lannisters

Replica of the Iron Throne!

Joffrey's crown and several props

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