Saturday, 18 May 2013

Never too old to dream a new dream.

I really love this quote from C.S. Lewis. And it is oh so true! I always love setting goals for myself and I really work hard to make my dreams and goals come true. Sometimes you can only take small steps towards a dream, but then again: every step, is one step closer right?!
From age 24 to age 29 I was a musicjournalist, always on the road and off to shows or doing interviews. Especially in summertime, which is festivalseason, I would have no weekend off as I was always out writing reviews or speaking to the artists performing there. And I loved it soooo much, It really was my life! Music was my life. Besides the writing, I would also coach two bands as a manager. I would arrange press and shows for them. So if I wasn't writing about music, I was being a musicmanager. Kinda crazy huh?!
Now, at age 30, I work at a bakery and baking has become my new passion in life. If someone told me this when I was 26 I would not believe it! But now, I really love it. I want to become better and better at baking and make it my hobby and job at the same time. You're never too old to dream a new dream, so right! I always thought that I would be a musicjournalist for life, or at least work in the musicindustry forever. But I love what I do now! And I am so happy that I took this new route in life. Yeah, it can be scary at first and I had my moments where I doubted my decision, but I am so happy I am where I am today. Music is still a big part of my life, and one of my passions. But I know that it is a tought world to work in, the musicindustry is one filled with ego's. I want to make people happy with what I do, and what better way then to bake cakes! Courage is always rewarded, so go after that dream, even if you take small steps! You will get there!


  1. You know that I read somewhere that the average person changes careers at least five times in their lives? This quota really resonates with me too. I have been thinking of all the different things I want to do when I retire from what I currently do, and they are all different. Who could hate baking delicious sweets every day??? -Jessica L

    1. Wow, 5 times is quite alot :D Who knows, but for now I will stick to baking haha.

      xx Susie