Thursday, 7 February 2013

Looking back #2

Hey my friends! In the first looking back I told the story about one of my dear friends' weddingday. One of the highlights of 2012 for sure! This time around I would like to highlight the best concerts I have been to in 2012 and some of the meetings with my fave artists! I hope you enjoy this, music is a huge part if my life. Couldn't live without it for sure.
With the leadsinger of LostAlone, one of the best rockbands in the UK

With the bassplayer of LostAlone. I look kinda weird though haha
I have been a fan of LostAlone for almost 7 years now. They are finally starting to get more recognition in the musicindustry. They make pure rock and I love it! Do check them out if you like bands like My Chemical Romance or 30 seconds to mars!
Not the best picture, but it is with my favourite Dutch singer!
Wouter Hamel is a Dutch jazzartist and he is truly amazing. I have had the pleasure of interviewing him once when I was a journalist. He is super sweet and funny, and so talented.  It´s always a joy to see him live! See a clip of him here. I saw Wouter twice last year. on a festival and in a theatreshow. Both amazing!
Moke in The Hague
Moke is next, they are my favourite Dutch band. I saw them live in my hometown. Because of my journalism I have interviewed this band four times and am happy to say I have gotten to know the awesome leadgitarist better. Such a lovely guy! I am always allowed to get in for free at shows too, which is ofcourse a huge bonus. And to me a sign that they appreciated me as a journalist! They never let me down live, such an awesome rockband. See a clip of them here.
Fireworks at Coldplay show

Chris Martin, always full of energy!
But the highlight of the year was defenitely the show of, yes I am going to say it, the best band in the world: COLDPLAY! And guess what, they played a show in my hometown too! I was so proud and happy! It was an outdoorshow, with about 60.000 fans there. I went with my dad and had the best time ever! My dad loves the band too and it was his first time seeing them live. For me it was the third time, but it was absolutely their best show yet! Awesome show, with great effects and fireworks. They even went to a small B-stage which I was only a few feet away from! Best time! And so happy I got to share it with my dad! See a clip of the show here.  And a clip of the amazing opening of the show with our coloring wristbands. The whole audience wore them!

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