Saturday, 12 October 2013

Austrian shopping: baking goodies galore!

When I went shopping in Austria, I didn't go for shoes, bags or clothes. But for the awesome baking stuff they have. My goodness, it is baking heaven in their supermarkets! Luckily I had some space in my suitcase left, espcially for situations like these. So I went on a little shopping spree and came back with lots of awesome baking goodies. 
From ingredients, to bakingtins, I bought it all...kinda crazy huh?! On the picture you see: mini muffin tin, silicon mold for chocolates, tartelettes, white baking chocolate, a mini bundt tin, vamilla creme mix, baking powder with saffran, christmas aroma (!!), chocolate chips, mini cupcake forms, haselnut and walnut filling, bicarb (which we don't have in holland) also known as bakingsoda and the lovely white bowl at the top. 
Quite alot, my parents thought I could never fit it in my suitcase..but I did! I can't wait to try all these things out in my kitchen. Isn't the christmas aroma cool? And it was on sale too, hopefully it wasn't from christmas last year haha. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. yummy & pretty stuff! whenever I go abroad I buy loads of food and small gadgets - no wonder my favorite places to visit in foreign countries are supermarkets :P Each one is different, right? :)