Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day at the zoo

Hi all!! Can you believe it's wednesday already? Time flies when you're busy. Yesterday the weather was so nice, 20 degrees Celcius with a lovely sunshine. The perfect fall day! Me and my parents decided to go to the zoo in Rotterdam called Blijdorp. As most of you may know, I love going to the zoo! It has been a while since we last visited the Rotterdam zoo, about 7 years since our last visit. They had some new animals, like a polar bear and some babies. A baby giraffe was born as well as a baby elephant. So cute! The newly opened butterfly hall was also very nice. A very large hall with lots of flowers and butterflies. There was also a big aquarium, with sharks! Quite impressive. We stayed untill closingtime, we even ate an icecream on this sunny octoberday. Let's hope the weather stays this nice! For now, some pics of the zoo!

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