Friday, 25 October 2013

{Crafting/DIY} Make your own wall art

Hi friends! The weekend is here! That's a perfect time to get your craft on. Recently I have been loving this: making my own wall art. I have (or had) an empty white wall and was so bored with it. I like colour and pictures/drawings. So I decided to make my own art. I am not a great painter and I can't draw to save my life, so I got my favourite magazines ( for the Dutchies: Flow magazine is great) and started cutting and scrapping. With the end result being these three pieces!

I must say that the middle one is my favourite. What you need to create your own?
An empty canvas
Paint in your colour of choice
Magazine clippings
Coloured paper
Small embellishments like buttons/glitter

I got an emty canvas and painted the sides with a pastel colour. Then cut out some coloured paper as a background. Or a flowery paper like in the middle canvas. I then looked for some cute clippings or drawings and glued them to the colourful background. I added small embellishments, like buttons on the rabbit's coat. As a final touch I glued ribbon to the canvas, to make it look like a frame. And taaadaa, your very own wall art! Have fun with this everyone! And a great weekend to you.