Monday, 28 October 2013

{Pics} Best of Austria

Hi friends! Hope you are doing well. Today we had one of the worst storms in Holland since 1990. Trees have been ripped out the damage is great. Luckily I didn't have to go outside today, even the trains were all delayed or cancelled all together. As I type this, the weather is alot better and the wind isn't so powerful anymore. We just had some hailstones, rain and thunder as well. Kinda crazy! Fall is defenitely here! On another note, I still have so many pictures to share from my trip to Austria, that I thought to make a 'best of' post with just the best of the best pics haha. So get ready for some mountains, lakes and animals!

A small mountain lake in Bregenzer Wald

The pretty town of Feldkirch

A happy pig, at the Wildpark in Feldkirch

So many looong trees!

Beautiful deer at the Wildpark in Feldkirch

Castle at Liechtenstein

A pretty village in Switzerland called Maienfeld, near the Liechtenstein border

Castle and wineranks at Liechtenstein

Kopsee, name of the lake, so beautiful!

Impressive mountains near Kopsee

Lunersee at 2000 meters, very high and very beautiful

The view on the other side of the Lunersee

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