Wednesday, 9 October 2013

{Pics} Austrian tradition; Alpabtrieb

Hi friends!! I have some more pics to share with you from my trip to Austria. These particular pics are from a lovely tradition in Austria called Alpabtrieb, which means that the cows that grazed on the mountaintops all summer are now brought and guided back to the valley by the farmers and shepherds. The shepherds wear decorated hats, with branches. And the cows all wear bells and some wear crowns and flowers. I can tell you that is was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. As a citygirl, I loved the beautiful tradition and the honoring of the cows. After the Alpabtrieb the cows were grazing in the fieds of the farmer. At the farmers ground a party followed, which we were very happy to be part of. There were drinks and lovely foods. And even music and singing! I felt so lucky to be part of it and that I got to share that great day with my parents!
The shepherds are here! Great decorated hats.

And the cows are equally pretty!

The party at the farmers grounds

Great entertainment from these two wonderful men

Me and daddy at the party

And mommy too!

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